Industrial Partner



To find out more about ELDEL's Industrial Partner, Oribi AD, go to their website.

The Role of the Industrial Partner

Our industrial partner, Oribi AD, is a Swedish company with which develops assistive technology for people with reading and writing difficulties.  Our contact with the company is a speech therapist/dyslexia consultant Bodil Andersson Rack. 

Oribi offered internships to the Fellows of the network.   Collaborations were intended to focus in particular on technologies for spelling and writing, that young learners in their languages experience, and for which they may need corrective help.   

The second part of Oribi`s involvement entailed a workshop contribution at the eldel  conference that the network organized in Prague (June, 2011).  This included information about Oribi‚Äôs work, processes involved in R&D of literacy and spell-checking tools.