ELDEL Alumni

Juliet Bennett – Bangor University, Wales

Miles Dyslexia Centre Senior Administrator

Email : j.bennett@bangor.ac.uk


Dr Ian Simpson - ER

Research Interests: Psycholinguistics. Reading and spelling development. The nature of lexical entries (yes, there are lexicons!). Computational models of reading and spelling.

Email : Ian Simpson



Corina Efrim - ESR, Université Blaise Pascal & CNRS, Clermont Ferrand

Research interests : Comparative research into reading and spelling development. Orthographic system acquisition of the Germanic and Romance languages. Developmental disorders of oral and written language (SLI and dyslexia).



Dr Betty Mousikou – ER

Betty is an Experienced Researcher who worked on Workpackage 1.

Research Interests:Psycholinguistics (visual word recognition and reading aloud), Cognitive Neuropsychology (acquired and developmental reading disorders), Cognitive Science (computational modelling of normal and impaired reading and spelling).

 Email : bettymousikou@gmail.com



Eduardo Onochie - ESR, University of Granada

Edu is the Early Stage Researcher working on Workpackage 1.

Research Interests : The development of literacy skills and the precursors to early literacy development. Reading and writing acquisition difficulties such as dyslexia


Email : edu.onochie@gmail.com




Naymé Salas - ESR, Bangor University, Wales


Naymé is the Early Stage Researcher working on Workpackage 1.

Research Interests : Development of writing in typical and atypical (SLI) populations. Early literacy development. Cross-linguistic comparisons of
spelling development.


Email : n.salas@bangor.ac.uk


Clara Gomes - ESR, Granada University, Spain

Clara had an Early Stage Researcher Fellowship, working on Workpackage 3. She is enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Granada (Spain) and is writing up her doctoral thesis on the topic “language intervention to promote vocabulary development in Spanish children” (expected conclusion May 2012). Currently, she is doing one semester abroad at the University of Vienna (under the supervision of Prof. Schabmann) and working as a lecturer for graduate students (title of lecture: “Reading comprehension: The processes beyond letter to sound mapping”).

Research interests: reading comprehension processes and development, vocabulary acquisition, development and evaluation of evidence-based intervention programs, statistics and research methods in the social sciences.

Current contact details:

Clara Gomes, Universität Wien,  Fakultät für Psychologie,  Arbeitsbereich Bildungspsychologie und Evaluation,  Universitätsstraße 7 - NIG 6.Stock,  1010 Wien,  AUSTRIA

E-mail: Clara Gomes

Miroslava Schoffelova - ESR, Comenius University, Bratislava

Mirka had Early Stage Researcher Fellowshop, working on Workpackage 1

Research Interests : Educational and cognitve psychology; children's mental representations of school problems, understanding word problems in mathematics.

Email : mnere@centrum.cz



Helena Franke - ESR, Comenius University, Bratislava


Helena had an Early Stage Researcher Fellowship, working on Workpackage 2


Research Interests : Educational psychology, narrative psychology, qualitative methodology.

Email : HelenaFranke@seznam.cz




Zuzana Jagercikova- ESR, Charles University, Prague

Zuzana was an Early Stage Researcher, working on Workpackage 2.

Research Interests : Developmental disorders of speech and language; literacy development; early literacy; specific learning disabilities.

Email : zuzana.jagercikova@azet.sk



Miroslav Litavsky - ESR, Charles University, Prague

Miroslav was an Early Stage Researcher, working on Workpackage 1.

Research Interests : Developmental and cognitive psychology. Literacy development.

Email : miroslav.litavsky@gmail.com


Ascensión Pagán Camacho - ESR, Université de Poitiers & CNRS, Poitiers

Ascensión is the Early Stage Researcher working on Workpackage 6.

Research interests: The role of positional letter information in orthographic representations. Reading ability acquisition. Eye-movements and ERP in reading and writing.

Email: ascension.pagan@univ-poitiers.fr


Dr Marc Ouellet - ER

Marc was an Experienced Researcher, working on Workpackage 6.

Research Interests:   Production (programming and control) of skilled behaviour, with special reference to language and speech. Language development.

Email : Marc Ouellet

Website : University of Granada, M. Oullette, Homepage.

Allyson Haley - ESR, University of York, England

Ally had an Early Stage Researcher Fellowship, working on Workpackage 3.  Ally is staying on at the University of York as an RA on the Nuffield Language for Learning project.


Research Interests :  Language & literacy development: the relations between oral and written language, the relations between early invented spelling and learning to read, interventions and psycho-educational assesment.

Email :  a.haley@psych.york.ac.uk




Alena Velecka - ESR, Comenius University, Bratislava


Alena had an  ESR Fellowship, working on Workpackage 5

Research Interests : Typical and dyslexic spelling development. Speech and hearing disorders.   

Email:  avelecka@centrum.cz





Dr. Kathleen O'Brien Ramirez - ER, Université de Poitiers & CNRS, Poitiers

Kathleen had an ER Fellowship, working on Workpackage 6.

Research interests: Multilingual (English, French, Spanish) psycholinguistics, including language acquisition, competence, and eye movements during reading and written production.

Email: sla.emma@yahoo.com




Dr Araceli Valle  - ER

Research Interests:   Sociocultural processes in development of literacy and reasoning strategies; parent-child conversations as contexts for development of literacy and scientific ways of knowing; linguistic factors that impact literacy and reasoning.

 Email : Araceli Valle



kristina Moll

Kristina Moll, University of York

Kristina had an ER Fellowship, working on Work Package 2 on the Nuffield Language 4 Reading Project at the University of York.


Research Interests : Neuro-cognitive deficits in developmental disorders with a present focus on learning disorders and particularly on dyslexia.   Kristina is also interested in co morbidity between learning disorders and reading & spelling development in different orthographies.    


Email : km565@york.ac.uk