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Bangor University, North Wales, UK


Dr Markéta Caravolas


Dr Betty Mousikou


Naymé Salas


Anna Samara


Zuzana Elliott


Joanne Cornes

Initial Training Network Administrator

Juliet Bennett

Miles Dyslexia Centre Senior Administrator

Chad Elliott

Associate Member

Sam Crewe

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Dr Manon Jones

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University of York, England, UK

Prof. Charles Hulme

Senior Scientist

Prof. Margaret Snowling

Senior Scientist

Kristina Moll



Arianna Loff



Allyson Haley


Paula Clarke

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Silke Fricke

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Dr Kamila Polisenska

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Elise de Bree

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Ana Paula Vale

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Sonali Nag

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Bangor University, North Wales, UK

Dr Markéta Caravolas – Coordinator

Research Interests: Developmental psycholinguistics. Cross-linguistic research of precursors to early literacy, and literacy development. Within- and between-language comparisons of typical and dyslexic reader/speller populations. 

Senior Lecturer and Director of the Miles Dyslexia Centre
School of Psychology
Adeilad Brigantia
Penrallt Road
Gwynedd LL57 2AS
United Kingdom

Email : m.caravolas@bangor.ac.uk 

Tel : 44 (0)1248-388334

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Dr Betty Mousikou – ER 

Betty had an Experienced Researcher fellowship, working on Workpackage 1.

Research Interests: Psycholinguistics (visual word recognition and reading aloud), Cognitive Neuropsychology (acquired and developmental reading disorders), Cognitive Science (computational modelling of normal and impaired reading and spelling). 

 Email : bettymousikou@gmail.com

Naymé Salas – ESR

Naymé had an Early Stage Researcher fellowship, working on Workpackage 1.

Research Interests: Development of writing in typical and atypical (SLI) populations. Early literacy development. Cross-linguistic comparisons of spelling development.

Assistant Lecturer
Dept. de Didàctica de la Llengua i la Literatura, Fac. de Formació de Professorat
Universitat de Barcelona
Pg. de la Vall d'Hebron, 171 (Campus Mundet) - Edifici del Llevant
Barcelona, Spain

Email : n.salas@ub.edu

Anna Samara – ESR

Anna had an Early Stage Researcher fellowship, working on Workpackage 5.

Research Interests : Literacy development. Cross-linguistic investigations of reading and spelling. Numeracy development. Dyslexia-dyscalculia co morbidity. Acquired disorders of number processing and calculation.

Email : a.samara@bangor.ac.uk

Zuzana Elliott – ESR

Zuzana had an Early Stage Researcher fellowship, working on Workpackage 4.

Zuzana is currently a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences.

Research Interests : Sociolinguistics and applied linguistics. Language variation and change. L2 dialect acquisition and bilingualism. Folk linguistics.

Email : elliott.zuzana@gmail.com

Joanne Cornes – Initial Training Network Administrator

Research Interests: My interests are mainly within infancy and early years language development, behaviour analysis, and effective teaching methods.

Email : j.cornes@bangor.ac.uk 

Juliet Bennett – Miles Dyslexia Centre Senior Administrator

Email : j.bennett@bangor.ac.uk

Chad Elliott – Associate Member

Research Interests: Language acquisition and TEFL. Interested in developing new strategies for teaching language learning and in developing new tools to encourage cross-linguistic interaction outside of the classroom. 

Email : elliott.chad@gmail.com

Samantha Crewe – Associate Member

Research Interests: My interests are in the acquisition and development of phonological awareness skills, reading and spelling in Early Years (F.S. and KS1 children) 

Email : fam.cru@ntlworld.com 

Dr Manon Jones – Associate Member

Research Interests: Experimental cognitive research investigating the processes underpinning skilled, fluent reading and to pinpoint the difficulties faced by adult dyslexic readers. Bilingual reading development in young children and the possible influence of bilingualism on reading ability in adulthood.

Email : manon.jones@bangor.ac.uk

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University of York, England, UK

Prof. Charles Hulme – Senior Scientist (currently at University College London)

Research Interests: Cognitive and developmental psychology: reading development and disorders and verbal memory mechanisms. The relationship between phonological skills and reading development in children; interventions to boost children’s early reading skills.

Email : c.hulme@ucl.ac.uk  

Webpage at University College London 

Prof. Margaret Snowling – Senior Scientist 

Professor Snowling (formerly University of York) is currently the President of St. John’s College, Oxford, and University of Oxford, England. 

Research Interests: The development of reading and spelling, specific reading difficulties (dyslexia), developmental disorders of speech and language, reading intervention.

Email : maggie.snowling@sjc.ox.ac.uk


Research Group

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Kristina Moll – ER

Kristina had an Experienced Researcher fellowship, working on Workpackage 2 and the Nuffield Language 4 Reading Project.

Kristina is currently part of the Department of Psychology at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria

Research Interests: Neuro-cognitive deficits in developmental disorders with a present focus on learning disorders and particularly on dyslexia.   Kristina is also interested in co morbidity between learning disorders and reading & spelling development in different orthographies.    

Email: kristina.moll@gmail.com

Webpage at the University of Graz 

Ariana Loff – ESR

Ariana had an Early Stage Researcher fellowship, working on Workpackage 2.

Research Interests:  Specific reading difficulties - dyslexia, reading intervention, cross-linguistic comparisons of reading and spelling development.

Email : a.loff@psych.york.ac.uk 

Allyson Haley – ESR

Ally had an Early Stage Researcher fellowship, working on Workpackage 3. Ally is currently working as a research assistant at the Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy, UNB, Canada. 

Research Interests:  Language & literacy development: the relations between oral and written language, the relations between early invented spelling and learning to read, interventions and psycho-educational assessment.

Email :  allyson.haley@unb.ca

Paula Clarke – Associate Member

Research Interests: I am a Lecturer in the School of Education and I currently teach on the BA (Hons) Childhood Studies degree programme, the MA Special Education Needs and the MA Teaching courses. My area of specialism is psychological approaches to child development; more specifically my work focuses on reading and language development.

Email : p.j.clarke@leeds.ac.uk 

Silke Fricke – Associate Member

Silke is currently part of the Department of Human Communication Sciences at the University of Sheffield.

Research Interests: As a Speech and Language Therapist I specialised in children with speech, language, and literacy difficulties and my principal research interest lies in the link between language and literacy development in monolingual and multilingual children, as well as the evaluation of intervention approaches.

Email : S.Fricke@sheffield.ac.uk

Dr Kamila Polisenska – Associate Member

Dr Polisenska is currently part of the Language & Communication Science Division, School of Health Sciences, City University London.

Research Interests: My research focuses on cross-linguistic aspects of typical and atypical language development. I am particularly interested in sentence and nonword repetition tasks and how performance on these tasks relates to language and reading skills

Email : kamila.polisenska.1@city.ac.uk 

Elise de Bree – Associate Member

Elise is currently working at Utrecht University, Netherlands

Research Interests: I am a lecturer at the department of Pedagogical Sciences. My research focuses on (early) language acquisition, language disorders, and literacy outcome, as well as early bilingual acquisition. I have collaborated with the ELDEL team at the University of York through our interest in family-risk studies as part of the search for an endophenotype of language and literacy disorders.

Email : e.h.debree@uu.nl 

Ana Paula Vale – Associate Member 

Research Interests: I am an Assistant Professor in the Education and Psychology School of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro University (UTAD – Portugal) where I teach “Language and Cognition” and “Reading and Dyslexia” to Graduation and Postgraduation Psychology courses. My research interests are in reading and spelling development and in dyslexia assessment and intervention.

Email : pvale@utad.pt

Sonali Nag – Associate Member

Sonali is currently part of the Department of Early Childhood & Primary School Programmes, The Promise Foundation (India) and is a Newton International Fellow at University of Oxford (UK).

Research Interests: My work focuses on typical and atypical development among multilingual and multi-scriptal children with a special interest in understanding the unique challenges of literacy learning in resource poor communities.  In ELDEL, I was involved in understanding what makes the simple task of sentence imitation such a powerful cross-linguistic tool for identifying children with both language as well as literacy difficulties.

Email : sonalinag@t-p-f.org