Sept 09 WP1 Meeting, Prague



Dear All,

I´d like to welcome you to Prague in advance.


Hotel Accommodation

Your accommodation is located right in centre of Prague in Dlouha street 17 (you can find all information on ).




There are 3 possible ways how to get there from the Prague airport.

You can take taxi (it costs about 600 Kc - 24 Euros) or there´s a shuttle bus to V Celnici street (approx. 5 - 10 minutes walk to your hotel and it costs 120 Kc - 5 Euros, please see ). The last possibility is to use a public transport which is really cheap but I wouldn´t recommend it if you are in Prague for the first time.



University Department

Our department is situated in Myslíkova street, from your hotel you can have a nice walk there through the centre. 

Click for Google Map and directions.


I hope you will enjoy your stay in Prague, I´m sorry not to have the possibility to welcome you personally but I will be on a workshop outside of Prague.


Best regards,